Secure Solutions for an Insecure World

You may not know that we’re a key security and safety systems provider to leading-edge companies across the nation. That means we’re doing our job.

Securix solutions, including security and fire systems, plus products for facility control, asset and employee monitoring, seamlessly blend with work and residential environments, yet offer invaluable resource protection to our clients. While we’ve been behind-the-scenes for over 25 years, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of our critical services, from design to deployment, to training and beyond.

We secure your confidence with service and maintenance beyond the expected.

Unlike most of our competitors, our critical services come standard. The Securix experts assess, process and implement the best solutions for your specific security and safety requirements – and installation is only the beginning. We provide 24/7 maintenance and a 15-month standard warranty relating to access control, CCTV monitoring, parking control, workforce management, off-site facility monitoring, plus other security and safety applications. You focus on your business. We’ll focus on protecting it.

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